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Legit Check with insurance

Do you want to rest easy knowing that an item you bought is real? Buy a legit check with insurance and if i'm wrong ill buy the item for what you paid. Now thats legit! (MCM, LV, Bape and more)

5$ flat rate, emt or paypal to

Rent a flex

Items can be rented with a deposit of the full value. Renting costs 20% of the items value per week (100$ minimum), extra fees apply for damages. If you end up buying it, no additional charge!

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Pre Order/Sourcing

Have a rare item you are looking for? I can find just about anything for the right price!

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Bulk discounts

Build a personal relationship, I always take care of my loyal customers. I also always offer deals in bulk!


Have you ever wanted a truly unique item? Do you have a vision for something great? Message me and see if I can help, I have lots of designer materials and lots of connections to creators.

Work Together

If you have an idea that you need help with or think that we could work together, don't hesitate to message me. I love taking on side projects! Also if you're hard working and need a job message me, I always have work to do!