Why purchase a Bape-Boy product

In a world where clothing manufacturing is the second largest contributor to global warming, choose the sustainable alternative to retail. By reusing second hand clothing, you don't contribute to the fashion industries careless pollution.

The future of sustainability in Canada | Canadian Grocer

True Value
You work hard for your money, so don't waste it! When you purchase something for retail, the value depreciates dramatically after using it. When you purchase from us, your item retains its value long after you use it.
Support local businesses
Why give more money to large corporations that already run the world. Support a local business instead and help pay for a teenagers businesses.

Unique Selection
Vintage items have stood the test of time stylistically and functionally. Furthermore these items are often limited edition and discontinued making them far more unique and difficult to find than items from your local boutique. We also carry many different brands that add to a unique shopping experience.